• 1 t was pa▓ssed might be ethnic minority regions that have long histo▓ries of eating dog.Song Ziyan, a journ
  • 2 alist in Yanbian city of northeast China's Jilin Province, is of the Korean et
  • 3 hnic group, which regards dog meat as a▓ delicacy."Eating dog meat is the custom of Koreans. We
  • 4 co▓ok it for respected guests," Song told Xinhua. "We raise d▓ogs for eating and don't eat

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sor of life sciences▓ with Xuzhou Normal University, said, "A better solution is to distinguish between pet dogs and▓ eating dogs. Pet killing should be banned and abuse of eating dogs avoided."The city government of Hanzhong in northwestern Shaanxi Province

killed more than ▓34,000 dogs in a campaign against rabies in 2009, triggering strong calls for animal protection legisl▓ation in China, which has no animal welfare law.Beijing, Jan. 26 -- In a move prom

ral heritage list.Fan


pted by calls of a▓nimal cruelty, legislation is being drafted to make eating cats and dogs illegal.It may be months▓ or a year before the draft is actually voted on by lawmakers, but the plan is to submit it to the legislature and State Co

uncil by April, according ▓to the leader of the drafting team, Chang Jiwe▓n, who is also director of the Social Law Researc▓h Department at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.Chang outlined some of the proposed details

  • Xiantao, president of the local cultivation guild, said the eating of dogs
  • in Pei county could be traced back more than 2,000 years."Daochijia
  • nkuang" said in a post on Jinhu BBS, "The petting
  • of dogs belongs to Western culture, ▓and we are entitled to maintain our

own food habits.""


Sky-rocketing" on Tianya BBS▓

of▓ the draft to the Global Times Tuesday. He said the law▓'s violators could face a penalty of up to 50,000 yuan ($7,32


wrote, "I don't eat dog m

5) and 15 days in police cus-tody under the anti-animal-cruelty legislation.The team wil▓l solicit opinions from experts, s

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some local government s, but this simp le ban is too stern and poorly f ounded legal ly. The proper w ay is to foste r the attitude of respecting l ife."Chang s aid the proposal wa▓s not a one-cut -for-all regulation and lo▓cal le gislators co uld decide whether t o put it into force in line wi th ethnic and▓ lo cal customs.Chang sa 合浦县wap 介休市wap 南陵县wap 河间市wap 崇明县浦东新区wap 兴文县wap 延庆县5G 梁山县5G 沂源县wap 牡丹江市5G 巨鹿县5G 封丘县5G 元阳县wap 合江县5G 文山县5G 集贤县5G 蓟县wap 马龙县5G 交口县wap 南城县wap 传奇私服登陆器打不开怎么回事 热血传奇私服单职业 2017新开迷失传奇私服 传奇私服gm命令大全集锦 合击传奇私服发布网新开服 合击传奇私服新开网站 传奇私服外挂一刀辅助 传奇私服脱机挂哪个好 传奇私服网站刚开一秒 手机电脑都能玩的传奇私服